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Everything for a comfortable life

In the area:

  • New generation playgrounds
  • An outdoor aqua area with two pools
  • Green resting spots

5 min. away

  • Bus station
  • Grocery stores
  • Pharmacy

10 min. away

  • District hospital
  • Nova Poshta posting service
  • Cafe
  • Supermarket Bulka
  • SportLife Fitness Club
  • Family medicine outpatient clinic
  • Child development centers and kindergartens

15 min. away

  • Food market
  • ATB supermarket
  • City center

A place where you want to live

Quiet harbor, where there is everything you need for a comfortable life.

Residential complex "Nova Budova-2" is located 5 minutes by car or 15 minutes walk from the center.

The first in the city Patyson Beach Club - an outdoor aqua area with two pools.

Safe yards without cars - parking on the perimeter.

New generation playgrounds, safe and beautiful.

Green areas and squares for recreation.

Panoramic windows for a luxurious view.

Frequently asked questions

1. Where can I find building permits and licenses?

You can find most of the documentation in the section "About the developer", and we are always happy to provide all the documents in our real estate department. You can also get a sample contract before purchasing to read on your own or consult a lawyer.

2. Is it possible to order decoration?

Yes, we have contacts of contractors who will be able to quickly and efficiently perform decoration works up to your liking.

3. Is it possible to make changes in the apartment?

Yes, it is possible, but for this you need to set up an application to the service department of our company to clarify all the desired changes and obtain permission from the necessary institutions.

4. Is there an individual heating your apartments?

Yes, each apartment has individual heating, a double-circuit boiler, radiators and a towel dryer and all this is included in the cost of our apartments.

Questions left?

Leave a request and our manager will contact you shortly.

Invest in real estate

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Permitting documentation

Since 2005, about 3,000 families have their trust with us. We are always ready to provide all the necessary documents to help you make the right decision.

Our residents say

Diana Shafinska

Resident of “Nova Budova-1”

If a married couple is looking for an ideal place for a comfortable life, then this is definitely here!!! I always dreamed that I would live in this area, and that dream came true. My husband and I are happy to live here! The team of Nova Budova always improves the infrastructure of the residential complex, complements what has already been done and simply does everything to make us live in comfort. You will not find such a rich landscaping, cool playgrounds in any housing estate. Here it’s like a separate town, where you have a place to walk, to eat, fountains, a super-market, a fitness center, kindergartens, hospitals, and even a part of Paris! I definitely recommend it to everyone.

Katerina Bartish

Resident of “Nova Budova-1”

I am glad that I stopped my choice on Nova Budova! Quite an interesting apartment lay-out, convenient location and so many greenery and flowers, you simply can’t find else-where! "-" are always there, but "+" prevails !!!

Diana Mihailova

Resident of “Nova Budova-1”

My husband and I have been living in the Nova Budova residential complex since 2014. During this time we’ve realized that this is the best and most comfortable area of the city! We are satisfied with absolutely everything: quality repairs, large area, proximity to the city center, apartment area, service, maintenance, playgrounds (as many as 4)! Thank you "Nova Budova"!

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