Residential complex
“Nova Budova - 1”

Residential complex “Nova Budova-1” is a great example of modern housing, where the quality of apartments is combined with a developed infrastructure. This complex with an area of 8.5 hectares gives the opportunity to enjoy walks and recreation in green areas or on brand new playgrounds. All 14 houses are already built and put into operation.

Residential complex “New Building -1” has everything you need for a comfortable stay – from private kindergartens and shops to a fitness center and family medicine clinic. Distinctive features of the district are its green areas and landscape art objects, which have become especially popular among the residents and guests – just take a look at the Eiffel Tower, picturesquely framed by trees and flowers.

A large percentage of the residents of the Nova Budova-1 complex are young families, which is not surprising, as there are several private kindergartens and child development centers. Adults also do not have time to be bored, as for them there is a fitness club Sport-Life with a large 25-meter pool and the latest gym equipment.

Residential complex
“Nova Budova - 2”

Residential complex “Nova Budova-2” is located on the territory of 6.5 hectares and is still under construction. First buildings is in ful operation by summer of 2020. At the moment 4 buildings have threre happy citizens. The con-cept of this complex is Living park, an area that is characterized by a special attitude to details and comfort of residents, also there are unique touches- such as an open aqua area within walking distance.

The new complex is located in a quiet, environmentally friendly area, where there are vir-tually no inconveniences of the big city, but at the same time located near the center. Its main attractions are consistently best-quality apartments in high-rise buildings, landscap-ing, safe yards without cars and an open aqua area with two large pools.

Right next to the houses, within walking distance, there is a large and modern aqua com-plex in the fresh air. This complex is the pearl of the area and is able to please even the most demanding guests. It is worth noting the entertainment for the little ones – the territory of the residential complex “Nova Budova-2” is equipped with modern children’s mini-complexes, the main purpose of which is to interest the child and give a few free minutes for the parents.

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Despite the fact that each and every one of our clients is unique, they are all united by trust in Nova Budova Company in creating exactly the home they desire. Since 2005, we have helped more than 3,000 families call one of our complexes their own. We have set a high standard of quality and service, but we understand that customers will always strive for even more, and therefore we have been working for several years in the field of indi-vidual design and maintenance of housing.

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10 Payment up to 10 years

18 years in the real estate market

21 houses are fully done

Best news - our apartments can be purchased in monthly payments!


Residential complex "Nova Budova-2" is located 15 minutes by car from the city center.

Ecological area

Quiet, environmentally friendly area.

Safe yard

Safe yards without cars with parking spaces around the houses.

Developed infrastructure

New generation playgrounds that are safe and interesting for small residents.

Аqua area

Outdoor aqua area with two full-sized pools and a relaxation area.


The district will serve one of the best information service center.

Beach club “Patyson”

Beach Club Patyson is the first and unique complex of two full-sized outdoor pools. A place where you can relax from all the worries and swim, sunbathe and even treat yourself to a delicious meal.

A great deal of attention was paid to safety, comfort and compliance with all quality standards, which is why the water is always warm, clean and perfectly turquoise.

No need to worry about anything, Patyson Beach Club has made sure that the guests will always be comfortable relaxing on sun loungers, private bungalows or just on the green lawn. It is very worth experiencing what a truly perfect vacation is.

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Real estate - not only one of the safest, but also in the long run - a very profitable type of investment

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is included in the price of the apartment?

The cost of the apartment, regardless of the stage of readiness of the house, includes: - gypsum plaster of walls and finishing floor screed; - connection and installation of all communications; - VEKA metal-plastic windows and entrance doors; - connected water supply / drainage systems, heating (boiler, radiators, underfloor heat-ing, towel dryer) and electricity spots; - improvement of yards and adjacent territories

2. What is the cost of m2?

Usually we do not operate with the cost of m², because our apartments are not square me-ters, but real homes with a set of works that are ready for decoration of your choice. We operate on the cost of the object - the apartment. The cost of the apartment depends on the stage of readiness of the house and the form of your payment and for each of our clients managers form individual price proposals.

3. Is it possible to buy an apartment with monthly payments and what is the maximum term?

Yes, you can pay for apartments for up to 10 years but you need about 40% down payment. The cost and monthly payments are fixed in UAH, which protects you from exchange rate fluctuations. Also each and every client can have an individual offer.

Questions left?

Ask them to our specialist. Leave a request and we will contact you shortly and we will answer all questions

Our residents say

Diana Shafinska

Resident of “Nova Budova-1”

If a married couple is looking for an ideal place for a comfortable life, then this is definitely here!!! I always dreamed that I would live in this area, and that dream came true. My husband and I are happy to live here! The team of Nova Budova always improves the infrastructure of the residential complex, complements what has already been done and simply does everything to make us live in comfort. You will not find such a rich landscaping, cool playgrounds in any housing estate. Here it’s like a separate town, where you have a place to walk, to eat, fountains, a super-market, a fitness center, kindergartens, hospitals, and even a part of Paris! I definitely recommend it to everyone.

Katerina Bartish

Resident of “Nova Budova-1”

I am glad that I stopped my choice on Nova Budova! Quite an interesting apartment lay-out, convenient location and so many greenery and flowers, you simply can’t find else-where! "-" are always there, but "+" prevails !!!

Diana Mihailova

Resident of “Nova Budova-1”

My husband and I have been living in the Nova Budova residential complex since 2014. During this time we’ve realized that this is the best and most comfortable area of the city! We are satisfied with absolutely everything: quality repairs, large area, proximity to the city center, apartment area, service, maintenance, playgrounds (as many as 4)! Thank you "Nova Budova"!

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